About Mouthpiece

2020.01.16 Just before the corona misfortune. Refacing etc.

写真は左からClassic #5
現行Ted Klum Classic #5
D’Addario D5M
MC Gregory 4A18
MCは僕の82Zにつけるには楽器の重量に負けている感じだけど、軽く吹けばあの質感が出てくるんですよ!これに見合うような軽い楽器が手に入ると良いなぁ。 82Zを軽い状態に整えると見合ってくるのかなぁ。などと妄想中。

Today I had 4 mouthpieces refaced.
Photo from left Early Ted Klum Classic #5 Current Ted Klum Classic #5 D’Addario D5M MC Gregory 4A18 Early Ted and D’Addario became my favorite!
I feel like I’ve been taught the mechanism for producing subtone quality sounds with modern instruments.
The current Ted seems to be usable in the section.
When I put the MC on my 82Z, it feels like it’s losing the weight of the instrument, but when I play it lightly, that texture comes out! It would be nice if I could get a light instrument that matches this.
I wonder if 82Z will be worth it if it is adjusted to a light state. And so on.
My wish is not to reproduce the past, but to create the sound of the future. It’s fun to spend time thinking about these things.


Ted Klum Classic #5やD’Addario D5Mあたりを使っていた。

When I started using YAMAHA instruments,
Ted Klum Classic #5 and D’Addario D5M around.