About Mouthpiece

2023.12.28 Trial Meeting

It’s been a while since the end of the year rush has been over, so here is an update.
Today, Shinsuke Tsujino and Sohma Yamaguchi came to test our prototypes.
Both of them are juniors in the university club and nice guys who are active in various fields.

We all tried out the mouthpieces they brought and compared them with each other.
Shinsuke told us that he owns a M.C. Gregory 3A16M (fourth from the right in the upper row of the first photo), and when he let me play it, it was quite good! We all agreed that it was just like I thought it would be.
Souma is very interested in NY Meyer, and this was his first experience with M.C. Gregory.

Both of them seemed to have a good impression of the prototype.
This was not because I was a senior member of the university club, but because they were genuinely interested in it.
They were more interested in the fact that the current YAMAHA YAS-82ZWOF can produce such a sound.

The final prototype will be ready by the middle of next month, and will be released as early as next spring?
I think it will be released next spring at the earliest.Next year is going to be interesting.

I wish you all a happy new year!


辻野くん、じつはM.C. Gregoryの3A16M(写真1枚目の上段右から4つ目)を所有とのことで、吹かせてもらったらかなり良かった!やっぱりこの感じだよなぁと、皆で納得。
宗馬くんは、最近NY Meyerにご執心の様子でM.C. Gregoryは初体験とのこと。

何より現行楽器であるYAMAHA YAS-82ZWOFでこんな音が出るんだー、ということに関心を寄せてました。