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2022.10.09 About tip opening

2021.08.24の記事「MC GregoryとOptimum Seriesの比較」で取り上げたティップオープニングについて追記いたします。
M.C. Gregoryのティップオープニングについては様々なデータがあり、この記事を書いたときはこちらを参照してました。→Aizen https://www.sax.co.jp/altoopening.pdf
しかし、Sax on the Web Forum内にあるMC Gregoryついて深く研究したページ
A Brief History Of M.C. Gregory and Gale Mouthpieces
また、2021年発売されたMorgan MouthpieceのDry Martini は下記のとおり。

I will add the tip opening taken up in the article “Comparison of MC Gregory and Optimum Series” on 2021.08.24.
There are various data on M.C. Gregory’s tip opening, which I was referring to when I wrote this article. →Aizen https://www.sax.co.jp/altoopening.pdf
However, a page on MC Gregory in the Sax on the Web Forum that explores it in depth
A Brief History Of M.C. Gregory and Gale Mouthpieces
For reference, the report linked in the first post of the thread here says:
#2 → .052
#3 → .058
#4 → .062
#5 → .067
Since it is written in inches, when converted to mm,
#4 is 1.5748mm.
In the Optimum series, it is between AL3 and AL4.
There is also a description that the existing original individual was larger when measured,
I don’t know if this is due to aging, so it’s honestly a mystery.
However, the above figures seem to be reliable.
Also, Morgan Mouthpiece Dry Martini released in 2021 is as follows.
#4→.063 (=1.6002mm)
This number was probably set to match the modern environment.
It’s nice to have a lineup of .063 tip openings♪