About Mouthpiece

2022.11.06 MC Gregory 4A16 Model-A

ここひと月使い続けてるMC Gregory4A16。ビッグバンドの大音量でも埋もれることなく、デュオでも個性的な色彩を放ちつつ音痩せすることなく小さい音を出せる。つまり様々な音場でストレスなく自分好みにサウンドできるマウスピース。マウスピースパッチを付けなくとも歯型が残らない奏法は板についてきたようだ。おかげで音色の幅は広がった。YAS-82Zに付けたマウスピースでは僕的に最良と思う。
I have been using MC Gregory4A16 for the past month.
It can produce a small sound without sound loss, without being buried in the loud volume of a big band, and with a unique coloring in a duo.
In other words, this is a mouthpiece that can sound to your liking without stress in a variety of sound fields.
The technique of playing without mouthpiece patches, which does not leave tooth marks, seems to have become a part of my repertoire. Thanks to this, the range of tones has expanded.
In my opinion, it is the best mouthpiece for YAS-82Z.