About Mouthpiece

2023.07.22 Trial Report

Yesterday, I had Shinobu Ishizaki and Hitoshi Kasio try out a prototype mouthpiece, then reported to Coh-san at Shibuya Swing and jumped into a live performance by Hajime-to-Oji + Kunikazu Tanaka at Shibuya “KOHAKU”.
Shinobu said that it can produce a maniacal tone with a subtone quality, but in fact it is very well balanced to produce a jazz-like tone, and although it has a narrow opening,the player does not feel the narrowness of the opening.
Therefore, we came to the opinion that it is actually a highly versatile mouthpiece.
Mr. Kashio usually uses a mouthpiece with a wide opening, but he said he does not feel any discomfort at all.
It was very well received by the two who always use vintage Selmer Soloist.

Incidentally, the opening is a little narrower than the Meyer4. It is still in the prototype stage, so it may be changed in the future, but the narrow opening is still non-negotiable.
At Shibuya “KOHAKU”, I think I was able to freely blend in with the warm sound of the three hosts.
It was a very fulfilling day.
Thank you everyone 🤓

ヴィンテージのSelmer Soloistを普段使いしているお二人にはとても好評でした。