About Mouthpiece

2023.10.22 Session

Yesterday we also had our first face-to-face session.

Yohei Uemura, guitarist, played the shop’s acoustic guitar live. He was a nice guy who remembers Wendy!

Vocalist Rei Hamada filmed the session. It is not in the video, but she sang afterwards and had a wonderful voice.

The mouthpiece “Type II 2nd” (tentative name), which is under construction, has the sound we were aiming for just from the iPhone video.
I hope it will be released soon!

昨日は初対面セッションもありました。 ギターの上村洋平さんはお店のアコギを生音で。彼はWendyを覚えてるナイスガイでした!

製作中のマウスピース「Type II 2nd」(仮称)、iPhoneビデオだけでも狙ったサウンドが出てます。