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2024.03.29 Why is it 4A16 not 4A18?

【Wood Stone’s new “Model 46” mouthpiece Trial Video】
Duo with Ryosuke Nouchi(g)
at “I’m home” Kannai,Yokohama,Japan.
March 27, 2024.
♪It could happen to you
I said It is based on M.C. Gregory, why 4A16 and not 4A18?
The answer is because it fits in well with modern instruments.
“Model 46” mouthpiece, based on the M.C. Gregory 4A16, is designed to fit current instruments.
M.C. Gregoryを元にしたというけど、何故4A18ではなく、4A16なのか?
M.C. Gregory 4A16を元に作られたWood Stone の新しいマウスピース”Model 46″は、現行楽器にも合うように設計されています。
【Saxophone settings】
Wood Stone Super Custom Model46
Rico 3.5
Wood Stone CLASSIC
【Recording device】
Taken with the iPhone12 mini’s built-in camera and SHURE MV88 microphone.