About Mouthpiece

2023.07.28 Trial Report

I had Mr. Jiro Nagano, who is active in many fields and organizes the “Subtone Society,” try out the instrument.
Mr.Nagano and I, wearing our Subtone T-shirts, joined him as a matter of course (lol).
His current setup is as follows.
Mouthpiece…Vandoren A6 or A7
Reeds…Vandoren JAVA 2•1/2
Alto … 82Z (1st generation)
He seemed to be more comfortable with Type2.

【Their common views】
Mr.Yushi Miyano and Mr.Jiro Nagano had never blown a real MC Gregory before, so they were a bit puzzled as they tried it out.
But they were attracted by the tone, and although it takes some time to get used to it, they felt comfortable with the narrowness of the opeing.

【Summary of this time】
The trend seems to be Type 2 for Mark 6 and lighter current instruments, and Type 1 for heavier instruments.
Now we are in the adjustment phase toward completion.


宮野さんと次郎さんの御二方は今まで本物のMC Gregoryを吹き込んだ経験は無いらしいので、少々戸惑いつつ試奏されてました。

傾向としては、Mark 6や軽めの現行楽器ならばType2、それより重い楽器にはType1が合うようです。